Grow Slow

When I spend any amount of time on social media, I am inundated with my posts trying to sell programs or workshops to grow, grow, grow. Grow your business, grow your influence, grow your relationship, etc. I am always a little tempted to buy-in to the program and GO FOR IT! I am a balls-to-the-wall, all-in sort of person. I don’t wade in, I dive in the deep-end and learn to swim.

I also lived the majority of my life from school age until about 2 years ago in deep stress, anxiety, and mania. I wasn’t healthy. I wasn’t happy.

Everything shifted with my first psychedelic trip, using cannabis, through The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, in Boulder, CO. Daniel McQueen and my beloved “Mamma Ganja”, as I lovingly call cannabis, broke something open in me, that I had been clawing and tearing at for years.

Of course I jumped right into this new therapy and found myself healing and growing so exponentially fast, it took me well over a year to get my bearings about me and be able to function well around other people again. It was intense. All the work and learning and contemplation I had been doing was finally starting to become clear in my understanding of LIFE. It was incredible. It was all I wanted.

But one message that came forward early on, and one that I constantly circle back around to, is to “grow slow”. A mighty redwood tree doesn’t grow in a week, a month, or even a year. It is growing for decades. Like a tree, we must take our time. We must have deep, healthy roots in order to grow tall, healthy branches.

We simply cannot sustain fast growth. Even in the physical realm we take at least 13 years (give or take) to reach physical “adulthood”/puberty, and still we grow for years to come. If we truly want to grow something great and lasting, from a business to a relationship to our own soul, we must take our time. Let it grow slow. Let it be natural. Anytime we have to force something, tension rises around it, causing friction and stress. Relax into. Let it unfold naturally, like a flower or a new leaf on a plant. All in it’s own, perfect timing.

If you’re on the right track, it will all work out. If you’re not, wouldn’t you rather be corrected early on? That takes a certain softness and listening. That comes when we grow slow.

Trust the process. Trust the timing. And breathe.

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