Opening Up

I really struggle with any kind of tradition, especially one that must be followed "just so," or is the "only path". We are at a point in time where we need to realize we are heading in a new direction, and while the teaching of these many faiths and philosophies were great, I don't believe that any single one is the whole picture. I believe that each faith, and in fact, each person, is a puzzle piece to a picture much greater than ourselves. Besides, what a boring world it would be, where we all see things from the same perspective and therefore believe the same things. I walked that path for a time and it no longer suits me.

I often wonder, would the founder of these faiths I love to study and learn even be able to recognize the world as it is today, with our technology and gadgets and ability to order stuff from literally around the world or be able to fly there within a day or two? I don't think so. It seems to me, we have developed in our understanding of this world and how it works exponentially past where we were even 100 years ago, let alone thousands. Spiritually, we need to catch up! We are expanding. We are recognizing there is more to this, something deeper. And while the truths within these religions and philosophies remain intact, we have to begin to let those truths actually permeate us and change us, and through us, change the world. But we just get stuck, don't we?

I think we are a different species - for better and for worse - than the people who first discovered and storied these first precepts, who discovered and introduced these practices. And while some people are able to take the practice and let it lead them to the Divine, most people get stuck at the signposts/altars or inside the stories that are simply there to help point the way. Any one thing/person cannot be God, for God simply IS. Once the Everything becomes Something, it isn't Everything anymore, is it? And if the Divine IS, then it IS now. And the Divine IS me. And the Divine IS you. And if we were to put all the pieces of you and me and everyone else together, then we would have a much better idea of what/who the Divine IS. And maybe what the Divine was isn't what the Divine intends to be, and so we filter through this experience maybe once, probably closer to a thousand times, and each time another piece is filtered out leaving room for a little more growth. A little more love. A little more calm gentility. A little more understanding and compassion. A little more realizing that so many people are stuck in the muck of life and simply trying to survive and make a little sense of it all. (But that's just what I think. Doesn't make it right. Doesn't make it wrong. It's just another idea. I love new ideas. They help me expand the way I view the world and the people in it.)

And so, I learn to relax into life a little bit more. Be present. Be open to what the Divine is saying now, here, in this place and experience, to me. This is how I find my path. This is how I follow the Divine. This is where I get to explore new ideas and open new doors of understanding. This is how I open up just a little bit more to the life I get to live on this beautiful planet we call home!

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